Sawdust Songs Disc 1

Sylvia Ryerson

Sylvia grew up playing the violin in her hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  As a music major at Wesleyan University she became very interested in both new music and different styles of traditional fiddle playing.  She immersed herself in eastern European and Klezmer music, while joining Anthony Braxton’s ensemble and composing experimental string quartets.  She also began writing original songs and playing fingerstyle guitar.  Pulled to eastern Kentucky in part because of the incredible music, she became versed in the rich tradition of Appalachian fiddle tunes and styles.  

Sawdust Songs Disc 2

Sawdust Songs is a two-part solo album, self-recorded in Sylvia's bedroom in 2007.  Disc 1 is all fiddle music, and Disc 2 is guitar and vocals.

  • Naxos Ilahi4:06
  • Polska efter Jan-Olaf Olsson/Grotschottis4:34
  • Mes Tou Aiyaiou1:55
  • Sitting in the Stern of a Boat2:53
  • Gyimesi Medley4:25

  • Sugar Shack3:05
  • My Tired Feet2:35
  • Salty Dog2:49
  • Colored Aristocracy3:14
  • Ballad of Don Erickson4:25
  • The Body Breaks2:28
  • September Song3:13
  • Hollow Log1:57
  • John Henry1:33
  • Dragon Sky3:53
  • Police Dog Blues2:39
  • Sawdust Song2:52