Sylvia Ryerson

Muse Moments featuring Artist Sylvia Ryerson (video above)
KET: Kentucky Educational Television, November 2014.

Interview with Mark Strassman on CBS News Sunday Morning, Air Date December 2014.

Kentucky Radio Links Prisoners To Loved Ones
Interview with Robin Young on NPR's Here & Now, January 2014.

Elizabeth Sanders and Sylvia Ryerson on Appalachia’s Bright Future Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, April 2013.

A Region Worth More Than Mountaintops
Willie Davis for The Daily Yonder, April 2013.

Byline: Prison Jobs in Appalachia

Interview with Rick Howlett on WFPL Louisville, March 2013.

Through Walls of Brick & Steel
Weekly Sedition on WRIR 97.3 FM, Richmond Independent Radio, June 2012.

From the Inside Out
Kamau Walton for The Abolitionist, May 2012.

Ryerson ’10 Explores Prison in Performance
C. Small for The Wesleyan Argus, December 2009.